Mature Transitions by Design
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Transitioning a home to allow aging in place can be accomplished with both function and style under the direction of an interior designer. A qualified designer can manipulate an existing space to better meet the individual requirements of the client creating a barrier-free plan using aesthetically pleasing products that will add value to the home. The goal is to improve the comfort and usefulness of the living environment.

1. Barrier-Free Kitchen Design

Barrier-Free Kitchen Design
  • Raised toe kick and dishwasher
  • Recessed panels at sink and cooktop
  • Counters of varying heights
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Single level faucet
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  • Raise toe kicks 9" above the floor to accommodate walkers, wheelchairs and provide ease of access to base cabinet's bottom shelf
  • Recess 1'-0 sink and cooktop cabinets to allow a sitting area
  • Lower a section of counter to accommodate repetitive cooking tasks such as stirring and chopping
  • Elevate the dishwasher 12"-18" above the floor to reduce bending and lifting
“What precision in all the itemizations! Your presentation led us to have high expectations. You not only met our expectations but surpassed them.”

— Carol, Cincinnati, OH

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