Mature Transitions by Design provides both the concept and the execution of the chosen solutions. A Lifestyle Plan is established that gives direction for immediate improvements and those to be done in the future. Function and visual appeal are combined to improve the clients’ lifestyle and create a beautiful environment. Every detail of a renovation is addressed from the initial design to the final touches of art and accessories at the completion of the project.

American Society of Interior Design 1st Place Award for Universal Design

The contemporary master bathroom offers generous storage. The decorative hand cut patterned tile inserts draw the eye into the space adding interest to the neutral color palette. The durable porcelain flooring and wall tiles having a matte textured finish made these dominant surfaces glare free, slip resistant and easy to clean.

The LED under cabinet and perimeter tape light offers 50000 hours of illumination at 1/16 the cost of incandescent. Left on at night, tape light creates an inexpensive directional guide to and in the bathroom, eliminating the need to turn on blinding high wattage fixtures.


BEFORE: Standard Drain & Raised Shower Sill

Supplemental electric radiant heat is used under the bench seat and the tile flooring. The hand-held sleek shower wand is conveniently located next to the bench for ease of use. The shower’s entry sill was removed to create a barrier-free opening and replaced with a trench drain to capture the waste water.

National Kitchen & Bath Association Design Vision Award
1st place for Custom Cabinetry





The cabinetry was designed to create a focal point that draws the attention from the surrounding space while providing functional storage. The goal was to turn a lower level into an area that would attract and hold attention of those in it.

The large door format of the end cabinets and the removable shelving allows easy access to the sump pump. A touch latch opens the doors.


Technology allowed the large screen TV and the firebox to be programmed and controlled with a hand-held device. The energy efficient firebox serves as a supplemental heat source that stops heat loss and redirects it into the room. The tiered soffits made a concealed surround sound for speakers.

UNIVERSAL DESIGN = Accessibility, Safety, Ease Of Maintenance, Balanced Lighting And Sufficient Storage