Where to begin????????

Mature Transitions by Design begins with a team approach. We break a big undertaking into manageable tasks. The team consists of professional interior designers, organizers, downsizers and stagers. WE support and work with our clients every step of the way towards the chosen destination. As with any life journey, a move should start with a roadmap to give direction, and in this case, the Lifestyle Plan will direct the process. The plan’s design will be based on the needs of the client.

Result: A Stress Free Transition


Lifestyle Planning is for the purpose of providing a visual plan in advance of the actual transition.

donation in alt text

Charitable gifts will be itemized, boxed, documented and donated.

Moving van unloading boxes

On moving day, clients are freed from the chaos. There is a team in place to oversee very scheduled detail.


In Process



A space can be transformed by a personalized color palette, lighting, window treatment and custom cabinetry. Boxes are unpacked and possessions returned to their pre-planned locations.

UNIVERSAL DESIGN = Marketability & Added Value To The Home