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Call (847) 304-9129 for a complimentary consultation to determine which services are needed and the corresponding fee structure. Feel free to use the checklist below to gather and organize your thoughts before calling us. We look forward to working with you and making your Lifestyle Plan a reality.

Home Renovation

□ Design Floor plan

□ Select Finishes

□ Select Products

□ Coordinate construction process

□ Smart home technology

□ Select Ergonomic Furnishings

□ Increase Lighting

□ Accessible Kitchen and Bath

□ 1st Floor Bedroom and Bath

□ 1st Floor Laundry

□ Custom Cabinetry for Storage

□ Glare and Sound Control

□ Bonded and Insured

Relocation Management

□ Design Furniture Plan

□ Downsize to Plan

□ Prep and Stage Home for Sale

□ Select and Execute Best Resale Venue

□ Arrange Shipping to Family

□ Supervise Packing and Move

□ Unpack and Set Up to Mirror Plan


□ Art

□ Window and Wall Treatments

□ Lighting Fixtures

□ Closet Systems

□ New Furnishings

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Relax and focus on your future lifestyle. Your early planning and partnership with Mature Transitions by Design will guarantee success.