Mature Transitions by Design

Thank you for your interest in Mature Transitions by Design. We are passionate about providing unique and individualized services that are key to the senior population. These services transition a lifestyle plan into a reality.

Who We Are

Mature Transitions by Design was founded in 2004. Our associates have pooled their combined experiences from diverse professions with related goals. Our desire is to positively impact a growing, yet often overlooked, senior population. Our new concept is to have one provider coordinate all details of a lifestyle transition, specifically to assist individuals and families with barrier-free renovation of an existing home or provide relocation coordination and management when transition into a senior lifestyle community is preferred.

Philosophy and Goals

Our philosophy is to follow an holistic approach in everything we do by creating an environment that nurtures the human spirit. With this at the forefront, our goals are to design a lifestyle plan maximizing the client’s independence and quality of life while addressing their unique and individual needs. By listening, providing information and soliciting responses the plan is developed and made a reality. Based on the process of shared inquiry, the client will gain a positive sense of enablement and well-being. We support and work with our clients every step of the way, seeking to offer the best individualized care and service possible.

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